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Adulting in this era and coping with anxiety.

Adulting is a fear and worry around becoming an adult from the transition of adolescence.

Adulting anxiety is easily known as the fear of growing up.

*Hannah is 24 years old. She graduated from College and moved back in with her parents because she said she was afraid to "take on the world." In her words, she likened independence to a lot of responsibility that she was not sure she was ready for. Hannah does not share these views alone.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a course called "Adulting 101" in College? Everyone is not prepared for the journey ahead. It may seem that way to some.

Girl on the window ledge staring out
Caught in the middle of the transition between adolescence and being an adult

Adulting describes the transition from adolescence to adulthood and appeared to get its name from Millenials. Even though it is usually a transition, it feels like it happens overnight. Kids feel like they have to make money, save money, and learn how to spend it efficiently. They have to learn to juggle health and wellness with financial savviness.

Basic things to know when adulting in this era

  1. Have your own bank account. A checking account would be preferable so that you can learn to pay bills from this account. Additionally, apply for ONE credit card. Most places use this now, and it can help you when you need to purchase things.

  2. Ensure that you have a job. Working makes all the difference, in addition to helping you feel responsible. When you earn money, you can decide on what to do with it.

  3. Get your own place. Before you leave the nest, make sure that you have a place to live. If you decide to live by yourself or with others, you will need to decide on what you can afford.

  4. Learn how to take care of yourself. This means, knowing, how to do your laundry, cook, and clean up.

  5. Manage Medical and Dental Insurance. Schedule wellness and health visits. Scheduling preventive visits will help you catch anything early, or prevent it from getting worse.

  6. Learn tools to manage stress and anxiety. Adulting in this era is a part of life. How you respond to stress and life is all up to you. Mom and dad will not always be with you to help you make it go away.

  7. Making Time more efficient. Juggling work and time for yourself is not always easy, and allocating a specific amount of time to projects and tasks can be cumbersome. Using time management to optimize productivity is a must in minimizing stress.

How do we beat adult anxiety?

  • Talk to an experienced Therapist and express your fears.

  • Stay at home as long as you can if your parents will allow it, and build your confidence to where you can leave the nest with reassurance that you will be alright

  • Find out what the root cause of the anxiety is. Not the symptoms. What is your fear of adulting? Where is adulting anxiety coming from?

Hannah did learn in therapy why she was afraid of adulting. With ease and healthy coping mechanisms, she was able to move out of her parent's home.

Do you or someone you know have issues with adulting? Let us hear from you in the comments below ⬇️

*Name has been changed for confidential purposes

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This has become a serious issue especially in 2024.


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Nice article!


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